The importance of branding: 4 huge brands that changed the world

May 11, 2018

Today’s marketplace is more crowded than ever. No matter what industry you’re in, businesses are standing elbow-to-elbow with one another, each one having to shout that little bit louder to try and get their voices heard. But one thing’s for certain, if you want to make it in your sector, you’re going to have to stand out from the crowd like never before.

With that being a little easier said than done, we thought we’d bring you a little inspiration in the world of branding. These companies have made quite the name for themselves and are instantly recognisable by their branding and logos. They’re the big boys you want to emulate in order to “make it”, so let’s dive right in.

1. Amazon

Let’s start with someone we’ve all heard of. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Amazon have made waves across the retail industry. It’s become the ‘one stop shop’ for almost every product you can think of. Need a book? Check Amazon. Looking for a lawnmower? Check Amazon. Need groceries delivered urgently because you’ve run out of toilet roll? Amazon can help.

Rather than just being any online store, Amazon have consistently thought of ways to push their brand further. Whether it’s through Prime delivery, same day delivery, groceries brought to your door, bookshops without cashiers or drones, they’re not afraid to come up with new ideas that keep them ahead of the competition.

2. Netflix

A perfect example of that even the simplest of ideas can be a success. If you remember, a long time ago, Netflix was essentially a Blockbuster on wheels. You selected movies you wanted to watch and Netflix delivered them to your door. Fast forward to now, and Netflix is one of the biggest producers of films and television programmes in the world.

Not only do they allow customers to directly stream shows and movies straight into their living room, but they’re also leading the way in the production of original content. And, if you’ve watched any of them, you’ll know that they’re pretty darn good. We’re no longer relying on multi-million pound Hollywood production companies to bring high quality entertainment to our screens, and for many people, Netflix has become an everyday essential.

3. Apple

Take a walk down the street or sit on a train. Chances are the technological devices you can see come from one of two companies, and one of them will be Apple. Their logo is unmistakable; it’s a piece of fruit with a bite taken out 

of it. So simple, yet so so effective.

The products that continue to come out of Apple must be something special, or why else would we keep buying them? The first iPod itself was revolutionary, it gave people a way to carry around their music without lugging around bulky Walkman devices – remember those? Next came the iPhone, the world’s first fully touchscreen phone, and now who would ever dream of going back to buttons?

Apple has become so big that there is an annual event dedicated to showcasing only Apple products and the new ideas they are working on. Years on from the launch of their first product, it’s safe to say that Apple have successfully beaten off all the competition to dominate the market.

4. McDonald’s

There is only one answer to the question ‘whose logo features two golden arches?’ McDonald’s probably has one of the most recognisable logos in the entire world, and it’s a logo that has become synonymous with food that arrives in minutes at any time of the day, even if you’re in a car.

When you look at the numbers, the impact of McDonald’s on our world is undeniable. At the end of 2016, it was reported that there were 36,899 McDonald’s restaurants in 120 countries around the world, employing 375,000 people and serving 68 million people everyday. Phew. Not only that, but McDonald’s is considered to be so central to the world’s global trade that The Economist magazine values foreign currencies against the dollar by comparing the price of Big Macs.

And on top of that there’s the cultural influence. If we asked you who the most recognised character amongst children was, you’d probably say Father Christmas, right? But did you know that Ronald McDonald is thought to be a close second? It’s also believed that the first Russian McDonald’s – opened in Moscow in 1990 – helped to end the Cold War. And finally, couples in Hong Kong are known for paying $260 to get married in McDonald’s restaurants.

5. Google

We couldn’t shortlist the world’s most influential brands without giving a nod to the search engine giant. For so many people out there, Google is the internet. In fact, Google has become so ingrained in our culture that rather than just being a noun, it’s become a verb that gets thrown about in everyday conversation.

“Hey, who played so-and-so in that new TV show we’re all watching?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you Google it?”

Sound familiar?

Google is the first place that the majority of us go to when we have a question, when we want to find a new company, search for a phone number, or buy an item of clothing. You probably even head to Google for answers on a daily basis without even really realising it – let that sink in for a moment. How well-crafted and reliable must a brand be to have become the go-to place for all our knowledge expansion needs?

Because of this, Google has become an integral part of businesses everywhere. If you want to succeed, you need to be known and valued by Google. That’s what SEO services are all about; being known, trusted and ranked by Google so customers are able to find you.

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Written by
Lisa Skadins

With more than 20 years experience in graphic design and illustration, Lisa has worked on a huge amount of varied and contrasting design briefs from a wide range of industries.

Lisa specialises in illustration and design for print.