Manchester Hall.

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Total reach in magazines
Increase in awareness over a 4 month period
Branding Objectives
Create a whole new brand including logos, signage and a shiny new website.
Branding Challenges
There’s a reason we would use the term ‘buzzing’ to describe the city of Manchester, and it’s not just because of the infamous worker bee which takes pride of place. It’s because Manchester is a thriving and crowded city for businesses across all industries and sectors, which is particularly true for event hosting. With so many venues out there, ranging from the standard chain names to small boutique locations, the CUE Marketing team were challenged to make Manchester Hall stand out in an already crowded industry. The raw materials are already there; a unique venue and a stunning Hall - we just had to build on it.
Our first step was to create the branding for Manchester Hall, as this would influence every other creative decision that we made in the future. Fortunately we were working with a blank slate; our team just knew that we had to convey a luxury, elegant and enviable venue in an approachable and friendly way.
Event Management Challenges
Objective Increase awareness of the new venue. Challenges With so many venues in Manchester, CUE had to organise an event that people would be talking about for a long time. Thanks to the city’s ongoing regeneration, more and more venues are opening after a full or partial refurbishment or after taking on new owners; competition is heating up. Manchester Hall’s launch needed to be special as well as incorporating the uniqueness of the venue.
Strategy & results
Strategy & Results CUE’s biggest task was to create and host an event that would ensure all eyes were on Manchester Hall. This was achieved through an award-winning VIP launch which took place at Manchester Hall, with more than 550 guests in attendance, and with entertainment from Manchester DJ Graeme Park, a fashion installation by Philip Armstrong, and a catwalk show by House of Fraser. The team organised the event to be sponsored by names such as Ciroc, Springback, Philip Armstrong, CUE Marketing, Universal, Scene My Event, Tanqueray 10, Buffalo Trace, Moet Hennessy, and House of Fraser. Guests were allowed to explore the historical building over three floors and eight grand rooms, with the night concluding in the Goulburn lodge with a special set by DJ Graeme Park under the infamous all-seeing Eye of Providence.
Stephen Cliff
CUE Marketing's approach to the re-branding and marketing has brought a complete refresh to the venue. The experience from the start to where we are today is everything but CUE. We are very happy to be working with Nick and his team on this project.