Barons Quay.

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Design a brand that can be identified and recognised, and that is unique for a shopping centre.
As the shopping centre project was located in a small town with a high street including independent businesses already in place, CUE had to demonstrate sensitivity to the brand identity when considering the concerns of local residents and business owners.
In the design process for the new logo and brand, we wanted to steer away from the connection to the salt and mining history in the area that was previously for Barons Quay. This wasn’t just because of the potential negative aspects, but also because a focus on the waterside connection was much more relevant. Ultimately, our goal was to create a commercial design that appealed to high end businesses. Our team took inspiration from the types of hitching knot used by the boatmen on the waterways at the Quayside. Immediate brand recognition was in the forefront of our minds when designing the logo for Barons Quay. The design inspiration had to be relevant and the brand mark had to be easily recognisable on its own.
Out of a number of design ideas, we presented four final designs to the client, and from that process the final logo was chosen. We felt this design had a strong and contemporary commercial look that would appeal to the target market.
Barons Quay
CUE Marketing have been charged with marketing a brand new retail development in Northwich and have thus far been excellent.