Why's It Important To Send Newsletters?

Many clients ask us why it's beneficial to send out company newsletters. Well, here's our answer!

Building relationships with clients and customers is essential in this age of social media. Customers who embrace this philosophy are more likely to generate loyalty and repeat business. Nevertheless, this is also a great money saving opportunity to generate new leads.

E-Newsletters are an excellent way to keep in contact with your target market. This is an area where you can truly stand out from your competitors. 

So, what are the benefits of using E-Newsletters?

1. NEWSLETTERS CREATE A MORE PERSONAL APPROACH - You can now use programmes to personalise your newsletters. If you get an email with your name on, you are more likely to open it than one without! 

2. NEWSLETTERS ENSURE PEOPLE DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOU - By sending a monthly newsletter, you will remind your audience that you are still alive and kicking! 

3. NEWSLETTERS HELP GENERATE CUSTOMER LOYALTY - If a customer see's something they like on your newsletter, they are more likely to re-purchase if they have already bought off you in the past.

4. YOU CAN GET E-MARKETING TOOLS FOR FREE - There's no excuse not to use them. Here at CUE, we use Campaign Monitor and Mail Chimp. Both are great platforms for sending aesthetically pleasing newsletters.

5. NEWSLETTERS ALLOW YOU TO GET YOU KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER - Using analytics, you can really get to know your audience. Who is opening the newsletters, the click through rate and whether your E-Marketing is effective.