What Your Favourite Social Platform Says About You

Ever wondered what your preferred social network site says about you? Have a read to find out.

In this day and age where everyone is online and addicted to social media, a lot can be said about a person depending on the social media platform they spend the most time on. Whether you’re uploading a photo of your morning coffee, a selfie with your new lipstick or you’re sharing your new promotion at work: there is a social network site (SNS) for it. Whichever site you choose to post on reflects your social media needs and can even uncover some of your personality traits.



If Facebook is your most visited SNS, you tend to use social media to socialise and make friends. It’s a useful tool for keeping up to date with the latest gossip or news in your online community - most likely made up of high school classmates, university acquaintances and professional coworkers who you’ve accumulated as Facebook friends over the past 10 years.

You probably enjoy the occasional Facebook stalk, whether it’s someone you recently met or someone you haven’t seen in years; it’s always fun to see what they’re up to. Facebook users tend to be well-connected to the rest of their peers and crave online social ties. Facebook lovers will wish almost anyone and everyone in their friends list happy birthday, so long as Facebook reminds them that is.



People who favour Twitter as their main SNS are those who seek more cognitive stimulation and less socialisation than Facebook users. It’s a site that’s ideal for uncovering interesting and intellectual information and less for fulfilling social needs online.

People who love Twitter tend to thrive from the 140 character limit; it challenges them to either get their message across using only short minimalistic sentences or be creative and use a text-like approach to social networking.

Regular Tweeters value sharing information more than their personal experiences. It’s all about keeping your posts short, sweet and to the point. Announcing what you’re watching on TV is about as personal as you get online.



You can’t go 5 minutes after posting an Instagram photo without checking how many likes it's received. It doesn’t matter where you are - the shops, walking the dog, in the car - you’re always looking for a Instagram-worthy photo. You can’t post a photo until you’ve found the perfect caption to go with it. Sound like you? If so, the likelihood is that Instagram is your prefered SNS.

Instagram fanatics live lavish lifestyles, or at least that’s what they want you to think. Instagram users either spend their time broadcasting their exciting, luxurious or adventurous lives or following others with extravagant lives who they can aspire to, or (in the case of many) just get envious over. The good news is that these fantasy Insta accounts aren’t always what they seem; so not to worry, your life is pretty awesome too.

Instagram is for social networkers who prefer more visual stimulation rather than cognitive or social. It could be a photo of a graceful sunset, a messy pup or a crazy make-up transformation; it doesn’t matter, you name it, you’ll like it. You’re always in that #instamood.



The newbie on the street, Snapchat, is designed for social networkers who enjoy visual stimulation, like Instagram users, but who take themselves a little less seriously. Having a camera filter that transforms you into a dancing hotdog makes it pretty much impossible to take yourself seriously on Snapchat, right?

Snapchat fiends tend to be very open about their personal life and like to share what they’re up to throughout the day. If they went on a wild night out, you’ll be sure to know about it.

Although Snapchat fans aren’t usually ones for words, preferring to communicate through photos and videos, Snapchatting remains a highly social activity. The reason being that Snapchat posts often create conversations and help maintain social ties by revealing a lot about one’s social life.

If you’re a Snapchat addict you probably have a streak of around 295 days with your bezzie, which you accomplished by sending each other daily hideous selfies. Of course, you should expect for these snaps to end up on your Facebook wall on your birthday.



Admittedly, LinkedIn isn’t many people’s favourite SNS. However, people who find themselves on LinkedIn more than any other social media platform are more likely to be career than social-orientated. LinkedIn is used primarily for professional networking and thus designed for people in professional occupations.

LinkedIn users are usually seeking to build and strengthen their networks and will accomplish this by being active online and sharing interesting posts related to their field. Rather than keeping up to date with their friends’ social lives, LinkedIn users are keeping up to date with the most recent developments in their profession. It’s clear that career progression is at the forefront of a LindkedIn enthusiast’s mind.

A surprising, yet intriguing, fact is that although more women are on SNSs than men, LinkedIn is used more by men than women. It has been reported that 56% of LinkedIn users are male and only 44% are female. However, this may be related to people’s networking desires which have been identified as primarily socialising in women and assisting career development in men. This is not to say that men aren’t interested in socialising, but perhaps that they don’t turn to social networking to fulfill their social needs.

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