Hala's Latest Update At Manchester Hall

Hala, Interior Designer gives us her latest update at Manchester Hall.

Recently we have been working on what is currently known as the Goulburn Room, the largest room available within the hall to hire for weddings, conferences, and events. 

The Goulburn was a great room to start with, as an Interior Designer and Event's Organiser it has really allowed me to put my skills to test, to constantly question what is needed within a space which can be used for so many different functions. From lighting, to sound, to the final finishes everything needs to be finished to fit the needs for all. One of the main things I worked on with Lisa our Head of Design was creating a bespoke wallpaper to fit in with the chosen colours and theme chosen for the room; a classic art deco. Lisa managed to produce many different stunning and bespoke options to choose from each very bespoke to Manchester Hall's identity. After being torn by all the designs I managed to decide on this stunning design. The design incorporates Manchester Hall's iconic M, which is part of the handwritten logo, as well as a drawing of the building, both by Lisa. The small features within the full pattern represent the building's unique form. 

The room is filled with warm and neutral colours combined with the classic art deco style. It is very near the finish line, and we can't wait to share some pictures with you soon!