Hala’s Furniture Decisions At Manchester Hall

No time is being wasted at Manchester Hall! 

Hala is now on to picking the furniture for the wedding and conference areas which will be on the first and second floor of Manchester Hall. Here’s an update from Hala on what she’s working on!

“I am currently working on picking the furnishings for the wedding and conference areas at Manchester Hall. After finalising the main colours for the rooms, which will be revealed at a later date, it was time to start picking the right furniture for the various rooms."

"The main room which is what I spent the most time working on, which is the Goulburn, needed furniture that represents the classic identity of the space, and that every bride will be happy to show off without having to cover up. There will also be an option to have booths in the room, with at a touch of elegance and sophistication. Booths have become more commonly used in high-end weddings and conferences. These provide a sense of luxury within the room. Soft leathers against warm tones will be used on the bespoke furniture which has been designed to fit the space."

The other rooms will also be filled with suitable conference and banqueting furniture which need to balance between practicality and style. Being a large conference and wedding space, the furniture will be used constantly and therefore needs to be durable. Due to this, durability of the fabrics chosen were taken into consideration as a priority."

"Although all the furniture and spaces are highly confidential for now, the total number which the rooms can sit has been calculated to around 880. We can’t wait for all the bookings to come!”