Facebook Announces New Video Options

Facebook has announced a new range of video tools.

To improve and further their quest to become the destination for online content, Facebook has made a range of improvements.

So, what are the changes? The immediate impact will be that autoplay videos will now be switched to 'sound on' by default, and each of these updates has potential for the future of Facebook's ambitions...

Here's whats been announced in the update;

1) Bringing Sound To Videos In News Feed

A Facebook report recently stated that 41% of videos are meaningless without sound. The first big announcement is that videos will now autoplay with sound on by default in your News Feed. The sound will then fade in and out as you scroll. This aims to 'bring videos to life'.

2) Vertical Video Improvements

Facebook is also making improvements to its vertical video content and how it is displayed on mobile. 

Facebook also notes that in their testing, people have responded positively to the larger, vertical format.

This idea has been taken by Snapchat, whereby they use full screen formatting.

3) Watch And Scroll

Facebook’s also improving their ‘watch and scroll’ option, which they first started testing back in 2015.

Users can drag the video to any corner of the screen, while on Android, you can also keep watching a Facebook video even when you exit the app (you can see this in action near the end of the above video).

Here's the new way to watch Facebook videos.