Colour Theory

Colour schemes are often overlooked when creating a new brand; however they are important when it comes to attracting your desired audience. Take a look at the colours that CUE uses and what they mean for our branding.

 When starting your new business, colour themes are an important design choice to consider. You must think about what clientele you are trying to attract and what your brand is trying to sell or promote.

Here are some key things to note when picking a colour theme for your brand:


CUE Marketing’s main branding colour is purple. Purple is traditionally associated with royalty and luxury. It is also known to enhance creativity and imagination; skills which are highly important within the marketing and advertising sector.


The colour pink can often be seen across CUE’s social media pages as it complements our main choice of purple. Pink represents youth and energy, which is a great match for the CUE team as we are a young, fun and modern agency. Pink is understood to create a feeling of serenity and acceptance, whilst also making you appear approachable and confident.


According to sensationalcolor, grey is the colour of ‘intellect, knowledge, and wisdom’ and it evokes a sense of authority. Similar to pink, grey is often used because it is the softer version of black. It brings the same look of professionalism and sleekness that black does without coming across as harsh.


Most people are aware that the colour white represents purity and cleanliness. However it also affects our mood and wellbeing. Looking at the colour white is known to bring mental clarity and a sense of peace. This is important within the advertising and marketing sector as our minds can become saturated with a lot of content, it is vital to ensure that you are showcasing content that is easy to read and digest. White also symbolises perfection and sincerity and is a colour associated with posititvity.