How To Build A Successful Brand

With the volume of competition increasing, effective branding has never been more important. 

Use these steps as guidelines to build a successful brand for your business!

Step 1) Determine your audience - Identify and study your target audience. Find out what they want, and what makes them tick! Remember, you can't please everyone. 

Step 2) Define a mission statement - We all love a memorable, catchy mission statement. Statements such as, Nike - Just Do It, or McDonald's - I'm Lovin' it have generated worldwide brand affiliation. General principles include; making it succinct as possible, making it memorable, making it unique, and making it current and realistic.

Step 3) Be unique - Establishing brand identity requires something distinctive. Identify and analyse your businesses unique selling point (USP), and promote this! For instance, brands such as Apple, have become recognised globally for providing innovative, minimalistic products.

Step 4) Know your competition - You should never imitate similar businesses within your industry. However, you should be aware of instances they succeed, and in which they fail. Research and benchmark your brand effectively. 

Step 5) Visual recognition -  Ensure your logo and tagline provides visual recognition to potential customers. Be willing to invest time and money into your logo as this is a substantial portrayal of your brand image. A good logo creates brand recognition and affiliation. Take a look at Coca-Cola, Adidas, Nike and other successful brands. 

Remember, building a brand takes time! However, maintaining an effective brand image can prove successful in the long-term.