It's Internaut day!

It's hard to imagine life without the internet isn't it? Well today #Internaut day is trending on Twitter and for a very good reason! 

It has only been 25 years since the internet graced the public with its amazing possibilities. And for a vast majority of us, it's presence has been somewhat life changing. The internet is now, for most people a vital part of society. 

So why is the internet important?

1) Sell yourself - Whether it's taking a classic selfie to get followers and likes or putting your company out there into the world for all to see, the internet allows you to create a platform for yourself that has endless possibilities and opportunities.

2) Be that Brainbox - The internet has an endless supply of information, good and bad. But if you use it in the right way you can teach yourself anything that you want to. 

3) Connect - The internet gives us all a chance to group together and make friends or meet new people. Additionally, connecting is one of the most important parts of building your business and the use of the internet and different app's helps you do that with ease.