How To Retain Your Staff

In order to make your workplace a happy and thriving place to work, smart leaders won’t make these mistakes. We have concluded our top tips to retaining your staff!

1. Give them a voice

Firstly, if you don’t listen to your staff, someone else will. Ensure employees know their worth, and they know that their ideas are useful and listened too. Listening to your staff not only boosts confidence and morale, but ensures your staff feel valued within the workplace.

     2. Care

Sure, some people come to work only for a paycheck. However, many studies reinforce the theory that money is not the only influencing factor! Take a look at Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs study. In fact, if you fail to care about people at a human and emotional level, they will eventually leave regardless of how much they are paid.

    3. Lead

If you fail to lead, your talent will seek leadership elsewhere. Rule one, listen to your team (a crucial part of HR!), communicate as much as possible, be an example, be consistent, be passionate and make firm decisions. Remember, products don’t fail, projects don’t fail, teams don’t fail - leaders fail.

     4. Keeping your commitments

If you break trust with those you lead you will pay a very steep price. Leaders that are not accountable to their people, will eventually be held accountable by their people.

    5. Recognising contributions

The best leaders don’t take credit - they give it. There is always room for growth, development and maturation. Staff will leave you if you place restrictions on a person’s ability to grow.

We got some quotes off the CUE team to see how they feel about the workplace;

Lisa Skadins - "I sincerely enjoy coming into work each day, it is such a great, light hearted atmosphere. The team are so supportive of each other and the Managing Director is really an involved member of the team and she is great to work for."

Chloe White - "After recently joining CUE, the team have made me feel extremely welcome. The last few months have given me some amazing opportunities, such as visiting Barcelona - and of course visiting some lovely restaurants! The atmosphere is always friendly, supportive and uplifting. I look forward to building my career here at CUE."

Alice Musker - "I’ve been working with Melissa and CUE for over a year now. I love how the company has rapidly expanded, and how I’ve been able to grow with the business. People ask me how the job is going and it’s great to say that I still enjoy coming to work with such a great team."

Hala Ali - "Working with Cue has been such an amazing experience so far. The CUE team is made up of such unique individuals with a broad range of skills that we all bounce off each other within the day. It has helped me to grow and develop my ideas, and introduced me to many new areas of work I had no insight to before! I have been working on Manchester Hall's new renovations as an interior designer and am very excited for what’s to come!"