Apple Releases iOS 10

Yesterday, Apple released its "biggest ever update". 

So, what are the new features?

1) New lock screen

The old slide-to-unlock screen is gone, and in its place you press the home button to unlock.

2) Changes to messages

By far the biggest change is the introduction of apps to Messages. You’ll find a host of different apps including ones for finding gifs and others for sending people money.

3) Apple music redesign 

When you first open the app now, your Library is what you'll see first. There's a special section for any music you've purchased and a "Recently Added" summary for all the new stuff.

4) Useful notifications

Notifications have got much bigger. Now, when they pop up on your lock screen, you can hard or long press to interact with them.

Other useful features include; better 3D touch, Apple maps redesign, being able to delete stock apps from your phone, changes to photos, cleverer Siri and a better keyboard.