5 Minutes With Hala Ali

A short interview with Interior Designer, Hala Ali.

1. What's your job role?

Hello, my name is Hala and I’m an Interior Designer! I am currently working on re-designing the interiors of Manchester Hall, a unique and iconic venue in the heart of Manchester which will be home to conference rooms, restaurants, bars and much more!

2. Why did you choose to be an Interior Designer? 

I have always had a love for all things creative and arty, but looking at what surrounded me on a daily basis made me more aware of the finer details. I would ask myself questions, does this space work? Why did they pick these chairs? What do certain spaces feel like? Then through the years I started to answer questions myself and think about how I could change what’s around me too. That’s what led me to study Interior Design.

3. What are you doing at Manchester Hall?

At Manchester Hall I am working on re-designing the interiors and turning it into the best place you can imagine! From floor plans, to paints, to the final touches of which curtains we choose. It’s a massive project yet it’s so exciting to be involved in. 

4. What has been the most fun part of your job role?

The most fun is feeling confident in my ideas. After seeing them slowly come to life over a long period it helps me to realise how achievable my visions really are and what fun it can be!

5. What have you learnt the most from this job?

Patience is EVERYTHING! Good things take time to happen, and that in every part of life. Paying attention to the finer details makes a huge difference, so it’s important I am aware of all the changes which are happening around me at all times.