10 Do’s & Don’ts on Social Media

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, have exploded in popularity.

According to The Drum (2015),  the average Briton actively spends nearly three hours online a day across different screens.

Time online has almost doubled in a decade, according to a recent study. Here at CUE, we understand that it is essential that we better make this time count. Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other tools alike can be a positive experience if you follow a few “Do’s & Don’ts”.

We have selected our most important:


  • Share relatable content

  • Use images (SocialMediaExaminer.com found that images were the most engaging type of content on Facebook with a whopping 87% interaction rate!)

  • Be selective

  • Stay active

  • And overall, just have fun! (this will be portrayed on your style of writing and readers without a doubt will pick up on this)


  • Don’t overuse #hashtags

  • Don’t overshare content

  • Avoid poor grammar and spellings

  • Avoid conflict

  • Don’t share the same message over and over again